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by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

Annotations compiled by Doug Atkinson.

You can click here for a single web page with everything below (I call it Watchmen Complete).  Beware, for those of you on a 28.8 modem, it will take nearly 2 minutes to load.

Chapter 1:  At Midnight, All the Agents...

Chapter 2:  Absent Friends

Chapter 3:  The Judge of All the Earth

Chapter 4:  Watchmaker

Chapter 5:  Fearful Symmetry

Chapter 6:  The Abyss Gazes Also

Chapter 7:  A Brother to Dragons

Chapter 8:  Old Ghosts

Chapter 9:  The Darkness of Mere Being

Chapter 10: Two Riders Were Approaching...

Chapter 11: Look on my Works, Ye Mighty...

Chapter 12: A Stronger Loving World


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